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Qvinci Business Dashboard Solution:
Qvinci is an advanced web application that aggregates QuickBooks company files and provides meaningful side by side and aggregate reporting for your businesses.Qvinci is a small business management tool which aggregates data from QuickBooks and Excel and produces a dashboard view of financial information and it works great in the Hosting environment thus saving time. The solution adds forward-looking tools, drill down, early warning indicators and graphical representations in a user interface that allows the business owner / operator /staff member to instantly spot areas needing attention and with the help of SafeTech Hosting Solution, you can have a reliable Qvinci Hosted environment.

Bill.com streamlines and automates your business bill payment, invoicing processes and gives you a complete visibility to your cash flow at any time. SafeTech Hosting Supports Bill.com add-on hosting on its terminal servers which is a revolutionary service being welcomed with relief by business people, accountants, and vendors everywhere as it an additional benefits to accounting software and QuickBooks users. It reduces a process that is paper-based, time-consuming and error-prone, Bill.com can help your company save over 50% of the time and cost of handling and paying bills so you can focus on your business. From receipt to remittance, Bill.com online bill payment streamlines and automates the entire bill paying process giving you anytime, anywhere access to your company's financial documents with complete control and security. Bill.com easily digitizes bills via fax or scanner to pay any vendor, large or small. It uses bank level encryption and eliminates chance of check fraud. SafeTech Hosting gives you a reliable Bill.com hosting on its secure terminal servers and it is very efficient way to access to all the featured of Bill.com.

Citrix ShareFile is an enterprise follow-me data solution that allows users to share, sync and store data securely anywhere from any device. SafeTech ShareFile Add on allows you to create a custom-branded, password-protected area where you can exchange business files with clients easily, securely, and professionally. Whether you deal with files that are simply too large to transfer by email, need secure file transfer, or just need a collaboration space where project-related files can be posted, ShareFile can provide a solution for you in our application hosting environment where you can rely on the technology with flexibility.

Fishbowlis the inventory management software for QuickBooks, offers multi-location tracking, manufacturing, barcoding and more. This is a comprehensive, flexible QuickBooks (or Fishbowl) reporting tool. It helps consultants produce and customized management reports for clients. XpandedReports fills the gaps left between QuickBooks reports and the needed management views of financial data in the enterprise. Instead of static, one‐off, stock reports from QuickBooks or Fishbowl, XpandedReports allows you to create a wide variety reports that can be sliced and diced with almost no limits. XpandedReports offers tools to sort, group, subtotal, create pivot tables and insert formulas directly into the report. SafeTech Hosting Solution gives you a reliable Fishbowl hosting on its secure terminal servers and it is very much efficient way to access to all the featured of it.

Method Integration is a web-based platform with industry-specific applications that can be completely customized to match your businessthat connect directly to a desktop version of QuickBooks. Method remotely accesses and synchronizes each list and transaction between QuickBooks and the web application in real-time. Method includes complete web-based CRM, third party portals, automatic backups of your database, customization using drag-and-drop wizards (no coding!), and nearly complete QuickBooks functionality using a web-based interface. You just need to concentrate on the work and SafeTech Hosting Solution gives you a reliable method hosting on its secure terminal servers and it is very efficient way to access to all the featured of it.

Autofy is the leading integration platform for QuickBooks. Import transactions from CSVs, e-commerce systems, CRM, or mobile devices. Autofy automatically synchronizes a variety of business records between desktop and enterprise software, as well as online data sources. Save valuable resources (money, time, and productivity) by eliminating double data entry and data entry mistakes. Accounting invoices, sales transactions, payroll, customer contact information and more can be easily exchanged between software platforms such as QuickBooks, Peachtree, Salesforce.com and Microsoft Office, among others.SafeTech Hosting gives you a reliable method hosting on its secure terminal servers and it is very efficient way to access to all the featured of it.


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